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Mapping Franco History in Biddeford Part Two!

At long last, as promised we have uploaded the highly anticipated sequel to Mapping Franco Biddeford episode. Take a stroll with us in your ears as we learn about Franco-American experience in Biddeford, Maine, and visit the fabulous Renée Burkett at the McArthur Library to learn more about Franco history. Fun fact: many of the maps that we discuss with Libby in Part I of this series are hanging on the walls of McArthur Library, which is open to the public! It is a beautiful building and absolutely worth a visit.

Come and eavesdrop on the team’s conversation about local history, public art, and 20th century photography. Are you interested in seeing more museums in the streets in Maine? Have a look here and see which are near you! To watch the Home Road documentary film by Home Ice Production, simply click here.
For more information on the material covered in this episode please visit the following link!


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