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Episode 12: Voices of Fort Kent – Lisa Lavoie Franco-American Pathways

Bonjour, hello and welcome back to Franco-American Pathways, a podcast from the University of Southern Maine’s Franco-American Collection. Life at the university has had its twists and turns, but we are so grateful to be back to share with you our trip to Fort Kent last winter. Patrick LaCroix, who had then just taken up the post of Director of the Acadian Archives at the University of Maine at Fort Kent, graciously welcomed us to Madawaska last March and arranged for us to meet some folks who could help us deepen our understanding of this truly unique and fascinating region. In the first installment of our Voices of Fort Kent series, you'll meet Lisa Lavoie. Lavoie is an assistant professor in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling at UMFK, and was born and raised in Fort Kent. In 2015 she received her masters degree in Maine Studies through the University of Maine and her thesis focused on the effects of 9/11 on the borderlands of Northern Maine. This thesis is what interested us in her perspective on this region, both as a scholar and as a Madawaska native. Big gratitude to Robert Sylvain for offering music from his album Memere’s Notebook for our show. Thanks as well to WMPG, USM’s community radio, for sharing their resources with us and making the production of our show possible. Merci et très bonne écoute !
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Hello and welcome to Franco-American Pathways, a podcast dedicated to the history and culture of the Franco-Americans and the Francophonie of New England. We will work from written and audiovisual documents housed at the Franco-American Collection at the University of Southern Maine’s Lewiston-Auburn campus to explore Franco culture, history, and identity. 

We are delighted to share this incredible collection with you and to spark important discussions about the evolving Francophone community in Maine and New England. Thanks for being here, and happy listening! 

Bonjour et bienvenue à Chemins Franco-Américains, un podcast consacré à l’histoire et la culture des franco-américains et de la Francophonie de la Nouvelle Angleterre. On va travailler à partir des documents écrits et audiovisuels disponibles à la Collection Franco-Américaine à l’Université du Maine du Sud à Lewiston-Auburn afin d’examiner la culture, l’histoire, et l’identité des francos. 

Nous sommes ravis de partager cette collection incroyable avec vous et de commencer des discussions importantes qui portent sur la Francophonie évoluant dans le Maine et dans la Nouvelle Angleterre. Merci et très bonne écoute !

Franco-American Pathways

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